Hoya Heuschkeliana House Plant

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The flowers on this one!  They are so adorable!  If the conditions are right, it will flower for you all year long.  The flowers are very fragrant.   It needs warmth and humidity to thrive. Bright indirect light is good.  More bright light will give the leaves a nice stroke of red.  Even if you don't get a flower, the leaves on this one are so cute, roundish, and slightly curved.  Adorable!  These plants are just rooted.  Do not expect a mature root system.

This plant has been growing in a loose soil mix and about 75% humidity with lots of bright indirect light. New root growth is small. The plant will be shipped as pictured. The plant pictured is the exact one for sale. Plant has just been rooted. Do not expect a mature root system. Leave the Hoya in the 3" pot for at least a month before replanting as new roots are delicate and should not be disturbed. Take care not to over water.

We package and ship our plants with the utmost care. However, we cannot be responsible for damage during shipping. Not every plant will look exactly like the picture, as all plants are unique, but we strive to keep them consistent.  

Orders placed Sunday through Tuesday will be shipped the next day (excluding holidays). Orders placed on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday will be shipped out the following Monday (excluding holidays). This is in best interest of the plants.