Hibiscus 'Snow Queen' House Plant - Hibiscus rosa-sinensis 'Snow Queen' Houseplant

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The variegated leaves on this one are yummy. Then to make it even more spectacular, it gets huge red beautiful flowers! I mean, WOW! Water a Snow Queen Hibiscus one to two times a week, especially if it is newly planted or the weather is hot and dry. Check the soil moisture with your finger and water near the base of the plant rather than over the foliage. Feed a Snow Queen Hibiscus on a regular schedule. Outdoors, fertilize every two weeks. Indoors, fertilize every month. Provide the shrub with lots of light. Indoors, place it in front of a south facing window or in another sunny area of the home and keep it away from drafty areas and heat sources. Outdoors in the garden, avoid planting in high wind areas and prune overgrown hedges, trees or plants that may obstruct sunlight. Ideally, a Snow Queen Hibiscus should receive at least four to five hours of sunlight daily to bloom well. Prune a Snow Queen Hibiscus after it flowers to encourage a fuller plant and to maintain the desired height. Move a container Snow Queen Hibiscus indoors before the first frost in the fall. Place it back outdoors in the spring after the threat of frost has passed. Do this gradually, over a period of three or four days; each day, move the plant to a slightly brighter, shadier, cooler or warmer location -- such as a porch or in dappled sunlight -- until it reaches its final location to help the plant acclimate to its new environment.

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