Ceropegia Woodii 'String of Spades' Houseplant

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String of Spades has a leaf shape that is more similar to a spade or an arrowhead than a heart. Its coloration is the same as the original String of Hearts. It is sometimes referred to as the cultivar ‘Heartless’ to denote its departure from heart-shaped leaves. This plant can grow healthily and happily in any window that gets a couple of hours of direct sun each day. If choosing a window that receives direct sun the majority of the day, you will want to use a sheer curtain or blinds to reduce the intensity a little. This will ensure that the leaves do not burn. When in lower light, it will stay green and grow moderately well. When in high light, plant will develop a pinkish or orangish hue and grow much faster. String of Spades like to dry between waterings, but do not want to sit dry for long periods of time. Water when soil is dry. It is prone to rot, so do not overwater. If repotting use a nice airy succulent type mix. Make sure pot has a drainage hole and is not too big for the plant. They don't need much fertilizing. Maybe once or twice during the growing season. Plant will do well with or without humidity.

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