Hoya Information

Hoyas are imported from outside of the US. They are listed in the shop when the leaves have good coloring, are hydrated and they need to have put on some growth in the roots.  Sometimes the roots will be small. Do not expect fully mature roots.

The Hoyas are kept in very humid conditions at first to grow roots more quickly and then acclimated to less humidity (fluctuates between 60-99% with the weather).  Most Hoyas are rooted in clay pebbles as this has worked best in our shop, though some varieties don't seem to do as well with this method and may be rooted in sphagnum moss or potting medium.  Most all the hoyas are shipped bare root.  They may have clay pebbles stuck to their roots.  These have been left as to not damage the new root system.  It is recommended that clay balls are left on roots when/if planting in potting medium.

When your plants are received, please remember that they have traveled a long way in a dark box.  Yellowing leaves/leaf loss is normal.  Give the plant some time to adjust.  If stems have broken, don't worry, they will grow back, unless it is the main stem, then contact us.  Leave your plant in its nursery pot (if it came with one) for at least a week before re-potting.  Let the plant rest in a warm place.  If dry, give a little drink.

Send us a picture of your plant immediately upon opening if the plant has been damaged in shipping and you don't think it will recuperate.

For specific care requirements and details about your plant, visit Stef Hall on YouTube.  Care videos are currently being uploaded.  This is a work in progress.

And most important of all, Thank YOU.